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Dedinje represents the most beautiful part of Belgrade with its park, floral setting and numerous impressive residential buildinngs and villas. At its highest point (208 Read More

Welcome to Belgrade

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Belgrade is situated in south-eastern Europe, on the Balkan penninsula, and lies at the very confluence of the river Sava, and one of the three Read More


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Skadarlija is a bohemian part of old Belgrade between today’s Cetinjska, Makedonska and Skadarska Streets. This ambience complex dates from the end of the 19th Read More


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From Topčider, one enters Košutnjak passing by „Hajdučka česma „ or Insurgents’ Fountain,once the gathering point of Serbian insurgents against Ottoman rule. Košutnjak is a Read More

The Northern City District

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From the northern end of Terazije, on the right begins, Kolarčeva Street, leading to Republika Square , with its monument of Prince Mihajlo on horseback, Read More

Capital of Serbia

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Belgrade is the capital of Serbia with about 2 milion inhabitans. It lies at 116, 75 meters above sea level. Geographic coordinates for the city Read More

Ada Ciganlija

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Ada Ciganlija, a peninsula, until not too long ago an island on the right side of the Sava River, 3,5 km upstream from its confluence Read More

Milošev Konak

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Topčider Park is situated in a wooden valley crosed by a stream named Topčiderska Reka. Located in Topčider, shaded by centuries old plane trees, is a Read More


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Belgrade is famous for its night-life. Spirit and kindness of Belgrades leaves the strong impression on first time visitors to the city. Positive atmosphere make Read More

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