Avala is connected to the capital by bus line no 30, starting from Slavija Circle,during the summer. With its conical shape and dense woods, Avala makes an impressive sight, rising as a guardian at the approaches to the capital sity of Serbia. From its top, a lovely panorama meets the eye within a radius of some 40 kilometres , all the way to Smederevo and mountain Rudnik to the south west.With itsfine air, sold springs, deciduos and coniferous woods, gentle serpentine drives running through the forest, Avala is point of attraction for many people. Avala was proclaimed a national park in 1947. avalaThere are Telecommunications tower and Monument to the Unknown Hero, the most impressive monument in Belgrade’s surroundings. It lies at an attitude of 519 metrs above sea level. It is dedicated to Serbian soldiers killed in the First World War by order of King Aleksandar I Karađorđević.