Belgrade’s central square is called Terazije. From the Central Railway Station it is reached by Balkanska streets. In approaching Belgrade across the Sava Bridge, Terazije can be reached either by Kamenička or of Balkanska streets. From the port, it is best reached by following Brankova street.
The square owes its name to a Turkish fountain that used to occupy its centre in the old times. Terazije fountain, in front of the Moskva Hotel, was buit in honor of Prince Miloš, return to power in 1860, on the site of the Turkish terazije.
Two large thoroughfares branch out from its southern end – The Boulevard of King Aleksandar and Kralja Milana Street – being among the busiest in the capital.

From Terazije, you can directly go to Kalemegdan by taking the Knez Mihaila Street. The city’s central promenade and commercial zone with famous boutiques and shopping centres. For pedestrians only. It bears the name of Prince Mihailo Obrenović, the younger son of Prince Miloš. There are a variety of represantative buildings and civil houses built at the end of 19th century. In this street are The Belgrade City’s Library, Serbian Academy of Science, and several foreign cultural centres.