Topčider Park is situated in a wooden valley crosed by a stream named Topčiderska Reka. Located in Topčider, shaded by centuries old plane trees, is a strikins Serb byzantine style building – The Konak, or onetime residence of Prince Miloš. Built between 1831 and 1834, teh structure is distinguished by an interesting portico and artisticatreelly executed ceilings.
Near the residence of Miloš Obrenović, the leader of the Second Serbian Uprising, there is a plane-tree, protected as a natural rarity. It is 44 m high, it crown measures 50 m in radius and it casts a shade of over 1400 m2.crkvapp
You can get a ride in a carriage and have lamb roast or sea fish for lunch in nearby restaurant. You can also visit a Church of Apostle Saints Peter and Paul – Topčider Church near the park, a small, unostentatious yet very pretty church built in 1834. Its iconosasis contains some holy images of considerable artistic value. Adjoining it is another chapel, the so called priests’ church, which constitutes an extraordinary example of Balkan architecture from the last centura and was built simultaneously with the first chuch.