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Traditional old city with a fresh look & free spirit

Belgrade is one of the oldest, most battered cities in the world. Those who love and know this city today, know it not from what they have seen or touched. Its greater, perhaps finest part has disappeared without a trace and we shall never see, photograph or touch it again. But the part of it that is gone, thar can never bi reconstructed, belongs to history too, the history we carry inside us.  (Milorad Pavić)

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Belgrade is the capital of Serbia  with about 2 milion inhabitans, lies at 116, 75 meters above sea level.
Geographic coordinates for the city of Belgrade are : 44 49’ 14’’ north latitude and 20 27’ 44’’ East longitude.

Belgrade is situated in south-eastern Europe, on the Balkan penninsula, and lies at the very confluence of the river Sava, and one of the three longest rivers in Europe, Danube, which is a unique position on the Continent.

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On the other side of river Sava, across Brankov Bridge continuer along bulevar Nikole Tesle, there is Zemun. Archeological findings from Gardoš are evidence that the settlement is very old, from early Stone Age, but…

City Area


Avala is connected to the capital by bus line no 30, starting from Slavija Circle,during the summer. With its conical shape and dense woods, Avala makes an impressive sight, rising as a guardian at the approaches…